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Huachenyang was Awarded “2022 Shenzhen Specialized and New SMEs”.

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On March 15, Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Service Bureau announced the “Announcement on the List of Shenzhen Specialized and New SMEs in 2022”, Huachenyang was awarded as “Shenzhen Specialized and New SMEs in 2022” due to its excellent enterprise management mode, strong R&D team and good customer service.

The recognition of “Specialized, Specialized and New Enterprise” requires the selected enterprises to have the characteristics of “specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty”, i.e. focus on niche markets, high degree of specialization, strong innovation ability, high degree of digitalization, and perfect quality management level.

This award is a recognition and encouragement of Huachenyang’s comprehensive strength in innovation, core competitiveness, social contribution, specialization and refinement. Brilliance will continue to carry forward the spirit of “specialization”, the quality of “precision”, the specialty of “special”, and the creation of “new”. We will continue to improve our product development and production level. We will strive to become an industry leader and social contributor.

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