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Canine distemper symptoms, how to treat distemper parvo?

Canine distemper is a dangerous, fast-transmitting disease that occurs mostly in dogs and has a high mortality rate. If you find that your dog has symptoms of distemper, you must take your dog to the doctor in time, do not delay your dog’s condition, otherwise, it may threaten your dog’s life. You can also purchase the canine distemper virus antigen test kit to test your dog for canine distemper virus. So in general, if your dog has distemper, what are the symptoms and treatment methods?

Symptoms of canine distemper

1. First signs of parvo in a puppy

From the surface characteristics of the dog, if suffering from canine distemper, then the discharge from the nose and eyes is relatively large. The dog will also appear to be drooling and shaking his head, and even chewing constantly, these are the first signs of parvo in a puppy.

2. Signs of distemper

Intermediate symptoms of distemper virus infection

In the middle stage, the dog will have vomiting and diarrhea, if you are not experienced, you will think it is a common cold, which may delay the disease. The incubation period for canine distemper is three to five days and is very much like the common cold. If you feed your dog cold medication and he doesn’t get relief and has stiff skin, you should consider whether your dog has the distemper virus.

3. Late distemper symptoms in dogs

In the later stages, the dog will lose his appetite or even stop eating, be depressed, and have seizures and cramps. The main symptoms are severe rhinitis, digestive tract obstruction, and respiratory tract inflammation.

How to treat canine distemper?

1. There is no particular drug that can treat distemper, but usually a high immunity serum against distemper is injected subcutaneously in the early stages of the disease. To prevent subsequent infection, the serum should be used for 2-3 days, and then the antibiotic injection can be continued.

2. at the same time, can be a large amount of glucose solution and electrolytes, with anti-inflammatory, antipyretic drugs, but also the use of cardiac, diuretic, and hemostatic drugs for treatment.

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