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Disposable sterile foam swabs, customized sponge swabs (China factory)

Disposable sterile foam swabs, also called sponge swabs, are mainly used for covid-19 nucleic acid test sampling, antigen detection kit sampling, and for collecting various biological and environmental samples.

Sterile sponge sampling swab belongs to the medical device products, it is different from the general industrial products, in addition to the harsh requirements of the production environment, sterile sampling swab has to undergo various biochemical tests, and environmental testing, to ensure their safety. The production materials also have to go through performance verification, water absorption verification, sensitivity verification, etc. Only after the material test is qualified can it be put into production and use.

sterile foam swabs

Foam Swab material: 100PPI medical-grade polyurethane sponge, foam sponge,

Sampling swab length: 8cm/15cm

Fracture point: 8cm from the tip (sponge swabs without fracture point are also available)

Sampling head length: 16mm

Sponge swab head thickness: 3.5mm

Type: Oropharyngeal swabs, nasal swabs, oral swabs, etc. (can be customized)

Qualified sampling sponge swab head sponge material needs to use 100PPI medical-grade polyester sponge, using medical water-based glue for bonding. Huachenyang disposable sponge swab’s PS rod has irradiation resistance characteristics, not easy to yellow after irradiation sterilization with reagents. Sterile sponge swabs are manufactured using the ISO13485 quality process and YY0287 quality standard.

Parameters of disposable sterile sponge swab

sponge swabs
sponge swabs

Customized sterile foam swabs

Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of medical consumables. From the classification of sampling swabs, we can produce various types of swabs such as round head, pointed head, columnar, conical, square head, etc. In terms of material, we also have various types of sponge swabs, flocked swabs, rayon swabs, etc. You can buy or customize it according to your needs.

Huachenyang has advanced production experience and manufacturing process, for many medical diagnostic customers to provide quality products and services, sponge head sampling swab is a necessary consumables for the medical-biological industry, for the diagnosis of special, Huachenyang chooses high-quality imported materials while having more than hundreds of sponge swab production equipment, to provide customers at home and abroad with quality products. Huachenyang is a manufacturer of sponge swabs in Shenzhen with a Class II sterile registration certificate and many products have obtained ISO13485, CE, FDA, NMPA, and other certifications.

Packaging: Individually packaged, automated sterile sponge swab packaging

Sterilization method: Gamma-ray sterilization treated

Packing: 5000pcs/ctn

Production capacity: 10 million / day

Applicable industries: Hospitals, third-party medical testing laboratories, genetic testing and diagnostic institutions

Material: PS+PP+ABS

Place of origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Quality of sterile foam swabs

  • Medical grade quality
  • Polyester sponge swab head with a good collection and release performance
  • A comfortable sponge sampling brush head reduces patient discomfort
  • Can be used dry or in conjunction with liquid media

Use of sponge swabs

  • Nasal swabs, pharyngeal swabs, and oral swabs to collect pharyngeal samples
  • For general sample collection for testing and screening
  • For pediatric, ophthalmic, veterinary care, and pharyngeal applications
  • As a sample sampling accessory in rapid diagnostic kits

Package specifications

  • 1 stick/bag, 2 sticks/bag, 5 sticks/bag
  • 10 sticks/bag, 50 sticks/bag, 50 sticks/box
  • 100pcs/box, 1000pcs/case, 2000pcs/case

Output of virus transport medium: 1 million sets/day

Output of disposable sampling swab: 10 million/day

Production Address: 8F & 11F, Building 4, 128# Shangnan East Rd, Huangpu Community, Xinqiao St, Bao’an, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

E-mail: info@huachenyang.com

Tel: 0755-27393226 / 0755-29605332 / +86 13802210808

Adhering to the principle of “first-class products, first-class service”, Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. takes product quality as the foundation of enterprise development, specializes in the production of flocking swabs, throat swabs, oral swabs, nasal swabs, cervical swabs, sponge swabs, virus sampling tubes, virus preservation liquid, etc.
With more than 14 years of manufacturing experience in the field of medical consumables, HCY organizes production and manages sales in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485 and has certain advantages in the industry.

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