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rapid test kitToxoplasma Antigen Test Kit (TOXO-Ag Test Kit)
rapid test kitToxoplasma Antigen Test Kit (TOXO-Ag Test Kit)
flocked swabToxoplasma Antigen Test Kit (TOXO-Ag Test Kit)
Virus Antigen Test KitToxoplasma Antigen Test Kit (TOXO-Ag Test Kit)
Virus Antigen test KitToxoplasma Antigen Test Kit (TOXO-Ag Test Kit)

Toxoplasma Antigen Test Kit (TOXO-Ag Test Kit)

Toxoplasma gondii belongs to the smallest and structurally simple group of parasites called protozoa. Cats and other felines are the final hosts of Toxoplasma gondii, which is parasitized in the epithelial cells of the small intestine of these animals, forming cysts that are excreted in feces and eaten by other mammals and birds to become infected and develop into encysts in the tissues of their bodies. Cysts and encysts are different developmental stages of Toxoplasma gondii. However, it can only reproduce asexually in animals other than the end host and cannot disseminate its offspring to the outside world. This kit is used to detect Toxoplasma gondii antigen in the feces and rectum of animals.


Test principle of the Toxoplasma Antigen Test Kit

Rapid immunochromatographic assay technique for the detection of Toxoplasma gondii antigens. A sample from the rectum or stool is added to the spiked wells and moved along the chromatographic membrane with a colloidal gold-labeled anti-TOXO monoclonal antibody. If the TOXO antigen is present in the sample, it binds to the antibody on the detection line and appears burgundy. No colour reaction is produced if the TOXO antigen is not present in the sample.

Components of the Toxoplasma Antigen Test Kit

Item NO.Test CassetteDiluentDisposable SwabInstruction
CY-G014-1 (1 test)1 pc1 pc1 pc1 pc
CY-G014-10 (10 test)10 pcs10 pcs10 pcs1 pc
CY-G014-25 (25 tests)25 pcs25 pcs25 pcs1 pc

Storage conditions and Validity Period:

Store at 2-30°C, valid for 24 months.

Sample Requirements

  • The Toxoplasma Antigen Test Kit is only suitable for testing animal fecal and rectal samples.
  • The test sample is collected fresh and immediately put into the dilution solution. The diluted sample should be tested as soon as possible within 1 hour.
  • If the sample cannot be tested in time, the diluted sample can be stored at 2-8℃ for 24 hours and -20℃ for 1 month.

How to use Toxoplasma Test Kit

  1. Use disposable cotton swabs to collect fecal and rectal samples, put the samples into diluent and stir, stand still for 1min, take out the cotton swabs, tighten the lid, and mix upside down.
  2. Tear open the aluminum foil bag of the test card, remove the test card and place it on a flat, clean countertop.
  3. Pipette 3 drops (about 80 μl) of the diluted sample into the spiked well of the test card and wait for the test result.
  4. Wait for 10-15 min at room temperature to read the test results. After 20 min, the test results are invalid.
  5. NOTE: The above reading time is conducted at a room temperature of 15-30℃. If the temperature is lower than 15℃, the reading result should be delayed; if the temperature is higher than 30℃, the test result should be viewed in advance.

Interpretation of Results

test results
test results

Negative: Within the detection window, only the control line (C) has a purple-red band.

Positive: Within the detection window, both the test line (T) and the control line (C) appear purple-red bands.

Invalid: In the detection window, the control line (C) does not appear purple-red band.

NOTE: Invalid test results can be caused by a variety of reasons and should be re-tested.

Product Performance

Sensitivity ≥ 95%

Specificity ≥ 97.5%

Precision: There are no more than one false negative and false positive judgment results within a batch; the color development of the test line and the control line between the three batch number test strips (cards) between batches should be uniform, and the color development between batches is not uniform. There is no more than one judgment result.

Stability: 2-30 ℃ unopened validity period of 2 years

Precautions for using the Toxoplasma Antigen Test Kit

  1. Please read the instructions carefully before the test. The various reagents provided by this product are only for this test.
  2. Products with expired or damaged aluminum foil bags cannot be used.
  3. If the kit is taken out under low temperature storage, it needs to be returned to room temperature before opening, and the opened test card should be used as soon as possible to avoid moisture, and it should not exceed 1 hour.
  4. Avoid touching the sample well on the test card and the chromatographic strip at the test window.
  5. The waste after the test should be regarded as pollutants and properly disposed of according to relevant local regulations.

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