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pet test KitFeline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit (FCV-Ab)
pet test KitFeline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit (FCV-Ab)
Antibody Test KitFeline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit (FCV-Ab)
Virus Antigen test KitFeline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit (FCV-Ab)
Virus Antigen Test KitFeline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit (FCV-Ab)

Feline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit (FCV-Ab)

Feline calicivirus (FCV) belongs taxonomically to the family Caliciviridae and genus Calicivirus. The virus multiplies in the brain plasma, sometimes in a crystalline or bead-like arrangement. The virus is resistant to lipid solvents (ether, chloroform, and deoxycholines); inactive at pH 3, stable at pH 4-5; inactivated at 50°C for 30 minutes. Cats infected with feline calicivirus develop upper respiratory symptoms, i.e., plasmacytic and mucous rhinorrhea, conjunctivitis, stomatitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, and depression. Feline Calicivirus infection is a multi-morbidity in cats with high morbidity and low mortality. This Feline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit is used to detect antibodies to feline culexvirus in cats’ whole blood, serum, or plasma.


Test principle of the Feline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit

The Feline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit uses a rapid immunochromatographic detection technique for the detection of antibodies to Feline Calicivirus. A sample obtained from feline whole blood, serum or plasma is added to the spiked wells and moved along the chromatographic membrane together with colloidal gold-labeled FCV antigen. If FCV antibodies are present in the sample, they bind to the antigen on the detection line (T) and appear red. If FCV antibodies are not present in the sample, no color reaction is produced.

Components of the FCV-Ab Test Kit

Item NO.Test CassetteAssay BufferFinger-stick DeviceQuantitative PipetteInstruction
CY-G001-1 (1 test)1 pc1 pc1 pc1 pc1 pc
CY-G001-10 (10 tests)10 pcs10 pcs10 pcs10 pcs1 pc
CY-G001-25 (25 tests)25 pcs25 pcs25 pcs25 pcs1 pc

Storage conditions and Validity Period:

Store at 2-30°C, valid for 24 months.

Sample Requirements

  • The Feline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit is only suitable for testing whole cat blood, serum, or plasma samples.
  • The sample should be tested within 1 hour after collection.
  • If timely testing is not possible and samples need to be properly stored, whole blood, serum, or plasma samples can be stored at 2-8℃ for 3 days, and serum or plasma samples can be stored at -20℃ for 1 month.

How to Use Feline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit?

  1. Add the collected cat whole blood, serum, or plasma samples to the assay buffer, tighten the lid, and mix upside down.
  2. Aspirate 3 drops (~80 μl) of diluted sample from the quantitative pipette into the spiked wells of the assay tape.
  3. Wait for 10-15 min at room temperature to read the test results. After 20 min, the test results are invalid.

Interpretation of Results

Negative: Only the C line appears as a red color.
Positive: Both T and C lines appear purplish red.
Invalid: No color appears in the C line.

test result

NOTE: Invalid test results can be caused by various reasons and should be re-tested.

Product Performance

Sensitivity ≥ 95%

Specificity ≥ 97.5%

Stability: 2-30 ℃ unopened validity period of 2 years

Precautions for using the Feline Coronavirus Antibody Test Kit

  • Do not use it if the product has expired or the foil bag is damaged.
  • If the Feline Calicivirus Antibody Test Kit is removed from cryopreservation, it should be opened after returning to room temperature and used within 1 hour.
  • Avoid contact with the sample wells and laminar strips on the test tape.

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