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sampling swabBuccal /Oral Swab for DNA Sampling, needle-punched fibre swab: 115mm
sampling swabBuccal /Oral Swab for DNA Sampling, needle-punched fibre swab: 115mm
sampling swabBuccal /Oral Swab for DNA Sampling, needle-punched fibre swab: 115mm
sampling swabBuccal /Oral Swab for DNA Sampling, needle-punched fibre swab: 115mm

Buccal /Oral Swab for DNA Sampling, needle-punched fibre swab: 115mm

Item NO: CY-98000FS (No Breakpoint)

The CY-98000FS is a toothbrush-shaped cheek swab, a shape that increases its friction and facilitates the collection of oral samples.

The swab tip is made of medical grade needle-punched fiber and the handle is made of ABS.

Material: Polyurethane Foam & Polyurethane

Applications: Throat/Oropharyngeal/Buccal Swab

Certifications: SGS/ISO9001/FDA/TGA

Packing: Individual Sterile Package

Buccal swab

Description of Buccal Swab

Item No.Tip materialHandle materialTotal lengthTip widthTip lengthTip thicknessHandle diameter
CY-98000FSmedical graded needle-punched fiberABS115mm4.5mm20mm2.5mm4mm

Features of Buccal Swab

  • The toothbrush shape design increases the contact area of the cheek.
  • High absorbency material is used to make the swab tip, which can extract more samples than other products.
  • A simple push can eject the tip for preservation, avoiding direct contact after sample extraction.

Sampling Instructions

  1. Tear the sealing paper on the disposable sampling swab wrapper and remove the sampling swab from the bag. After removing the swab, prevent the swab tip from touching anything other than the buccal area of the mouth.
  2. Hold the disposable sampling swab into the side of the mouth, in the inner mucosa by moving up and down scraping 15 ~ 20 times, which can increase the number of times according to the actual situation. Keep the strength moderate, in order to close to the mucous membrane of the inner wall of the mouth is appropriate, to ensure that the sampling swab head everywhere can be dipped into the oral mucosa exfoliated cells. Then follow the same method to collect on the other side of the inner wall of the mouth.
  3. After sampling, remove the oral swab from the oral cavity, extend the swab tip into the sample preservation tube, and push the back end of the oral swab. Until the oral swab tip is placed into the preservation tube, tighten and save the sample.


  • This product is a single-use product, please do not use it more than once and pay attention to the shelf life of the product.
  • Before taking samples, please check whether the packaging is intact, if broken, please stop using immediately and contact the dealer or manufacturer for replacement.
  • If allergies occur after use, do not continue to use later.
  • 30 minutes before sampling, do not eat, smoke, drink alcohol, and do not rinse your mouth with mouthwash, so as not to affect the sampling results.

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