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cow pregnancy testCow Pregnancy Test Kit, Cattle Pregnancy Test
cow pregnancy testCow Pregnancy Test Kit, Cattle Pregnancy Test
cow pregnancy testCow Pregnancy Test Kit, Cattle Pregnancy Test
cow pregnancy testCow Pregnancy Test Kit, Cattle Pregnancy Test

Cow Pregnancy Test Kit, Cattle Pregnancy Test

Cattle Pregnancy Test (1pc/pack)

The cow pregnancy test kit s mainly suitable for early pregnancy diagnosis and guidance of timely artificial insemination in pigs, cows, and beef cattle.

Features: High accuracy, easy to carry, simple operation

Certification: CE

Package: Individual foil pouch


Description of Home Cow Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy TestSpecimenTest timeCertificationValidity period
Cow, CattleUrine≤10 MinutesCE2 Years

How to use Cattle Pregnancy Test Kits?

  1. Collection of urine from cows
  2. Open the aluminum foil bag and take out the test kit, the test should be done as soon as possible within one hour.
  3. Use a dropper to draw 2-3 drops of urine and drop the sample into the hole of the test kit.
  4. Check the test results after 10 minutes of the test, after 10 minutes the results are invalid.

Interpretation of Cow Pregnancy Test Results

pregnancy test results
pregnancy test results

Positive: A distinct red line appears in both the C and T regions or a slightly lighter red line in the T region.

Negative: A red line appears in the control area (C) and there is no visible red or pink line in the test area (T).

Invalid: No red line or control line does not appear, indicating operation error or reagent failure.

Precautions for Cow Pregnancy Test Kit

  • Cow pregnancy test kits are disposable items.
  • For in vitro diagnostics.
  • Use as soon as possible after opening the cattle pregnancy test kit.
  • This product does not include a cup for urine, you need to prepare it yourself.
  • For more details, please refer to the instructions.

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