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HCY Specimen Collection Flocked Swab Supplier

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HCY swabs are manufactured in Huachenyang GMP factories to meet sterility requirements, and different models of swabs are available for various scenarios.

HCY Specimen Collection Flocked Swab

flocked swab
Flocked Swab

The specimen collection flocked swabs are made of medical-grade nylon fiber, which can collect a more adequate amount of samples in a short period of time, making it an ideal tool for sample collection and elution. In addition to being suitable for collecting oral, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal samples, the flocked swabs can also collect sweat, dander and other samples.

Foam Swab

foam swab
Foam Swab

Disposable polyurethane foam swabs prevent static electricity and avoid dust particles, and can be used to clean various precision instruments in addition to collecting samples

CHG Swab Stick

CHG swab
CHG Swab

The disinfectant on CHG swab sticks can be used for pre-operative disinfection of skin surfaces, as well as for cleaning laboratory equipment and medical devices.

Dacron Swab

Dacron Swab
Dacron Swab

The dacron swabs are compatible with most solvents and can be used to clean items and apply medications at a lower cost.

TOC Swab

TOC swab
TOC Swab

The TOC cleaning validation swab is chemically resistant and locks collected contaminants in the fabric, ensuring good sample recovery.

Huachenyang: High Productivity & High Quality

Huachenyang has 14 years of experience in manufacturing medical consumables, and customers can order our existing products as well as customize them according to their needs. Our products have been certified by CE, FDA, EUA, and other agencies and have entered into cooperative relationships with various laboratories. Huachenyang has always maintained high production volume and produced quality products. Our products are sold directly and at affordable prices.

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