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Omicron vs. Delta, Omicron Causes More Deaths

Using data published by the WHO, we found that Omicron caused a small spike in COVID-19 deaths in several countries.

Source: WHO

It is said that the death rate of Omicron has decreased, while the number of deaths in the United States exceeded 15,000 for 5 consecutive weeks, why?

Omicron has the characteristics of rapid transmission and insidiousness, which allows it to spread rapidly through the population. Since the day Omicron was discovered, the number of new daily confirmations of Covid-19 worldwide has skyrocketed, far higher than any previous wave of the epidemic.

As of April 10, 2022, the number of confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses worldwide is approaching 500 million.


In late January, the CDC released a report showing that Omicron had lower rates of emergency room visits, hospitalizations and deaths than Delta.


According to Worldometer death statistics, more than 900,000 people have died from Omicron in the same four months since it was introduced, which is comparable to the lethality of Delta when it swept the world. When Omicron spreads rapidly through the population, with an ever-increasing base, even with a low rate of illness and death, it still leads to more deaths, i.e. a high mortality rate. This is why Omicron has a low death rate but a high death toll.

Global healthcare systems are under enormous strain

The highly infectious Omicron strain has another serious consequence in addition to increasing the number of infections and deaths – healthcare systems are becoming overwhelmed.

As the number of patients continues to increase, healthcare systems are under enormous pressure, with more and more patients requiring the attention of doctors and nurses, whether they have minor or major illnesses, whether they have pneumonia or other illnesses triggered by the infection.

How to Prevent Omicron?

  • Get vaccinated with the covid-19 vaccine, including booster shots.
  • Go to crowded places and confined spaces as little as possible, and reduce close contact with strangers or outsiders. 
  • Wear a mask in early crowded places or when taking public transportation. 
  • Maintain hand hygiene, including frequent hand washing and disinfection, and try not to touch your eyes, nose, mouth, etc. with your hands. 
  • Keep indoor air circulation by opening windows and letting air flow every day.
  • If you already have symptoms of covid-19 yourself, avoid contact with children and the elderly and get tested as soon as possible.

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