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7 Tips for Preventing COVID-19 & Avoid Contracting the Omicron

From Delta to Omicron, COVID-19 mutates. The high level of global epidemic brings new pressure for epidemic prevention and control.

In the face of the mutated strain of Omicron, what should the public do in their daily work and life? How do take precautions?

1. Wear a mask in public

Wearing a mask is still an effective way to interrupt the spread of the virus, and this applies to the Omicron variant as well. Even if you have completed the COVID-19 vaccination, you still need to wear a mask in indoor public places, on public transportation, etc.

2. Avoid visiting crowded places

For the prevention of respiratory infections, the safe contact distance in public places is limited to one meter or more. The closer people are to each other, the greater the risk of infection. For the health of yourself and others, wear a mask in public places and keep a distance of more than one meter.

3. Keep your hands clean

COVID-19 virus is transmitted by respiratory droplets and also by contact. If your hands are infected with the virus, then rubbing your eyes, picking your nose, touching your mouth, etc. will lead to infection. Therefore, washing hands regularly and keeping them clean is an effective way to prevent infection.

4. Vaccination

Omicron is still a COVID-19 virus, and although it has a cumulative amino acid mutation, the vaccine is still effective and can reduce severe illness and mortality. In response to the mutated strain of Omicron, countries have prepared multiple technical lines of advance technology reserves and research.

5. Keep windows open and ventilated

Long hours of closed windows and doors and poor air circulation not only lead to upper respiratory diseases, but also reduce the body’s resistance. Opening windows and ventilation can maintain the freshness and relative humidity of indoor air, and also destroy the growth environment of disease-causing factors.

6. Adherence to physical health monitoring

When symptoms of COVID-19 are suspected, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc., monitor your body temperature and seek medical advice.

7. Do not go abroad unless necessary

In just a few days, several countries and regions have reported the importation of the Omicron variant and the global awareness of the variant is still limited. Therefore, travel to high-risk areas should be minimized and personal protection during travel should be strengthened to reduce the chance of contracting the Omicron variant.

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