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Nasal SwabFlocked Nasal Swab With Stopper, Nylon Mid-Turbinate Swab
Nasal SwabFlocked Nasal Swab With Stopper, Nylon Mid-Turbinate Swab
Flocked Nasal Swab With Stopper, Nylon Mid-Turbinate Swab
Flocked Nasal Swab With Stopper, Nylon Mid-Turbinate Swab

Flocked Nasal Swab With Stopper, Nylon Mid-Turbinate Swab

Item NO.: CY-96000-1/2/3 (With Stopper & Breakpoint)

The Mid-Turbinate Swab is an anatomically engineered collection device that specifically targets the mid-turbinate region of the nasal passageway, which can efficiently complete the collection of nasal cavity samples.

The length and design of the swab allow for consistent specimen collection. The unique conical shape and use of flocked technology combine to provide an increased surface area with greater particle retention than traditional swabs.

Tip Material: 100% Medical Grade Nylon

Certifications: CE/FDA/ISO/TGA


Sampling from the middle turbinate position is not as uncomfortable as the nasopharyngeal area. Since the body of adults is different from that of children, we provide different sizes of nylon mid-turbinate swabs, so that children will not be injured in the process of sample collection.

Description of Flocked Nasal Swab

Product NameMid-Turbinate/Nasal Swab with Stopper
Factory System GMP
Tip Material100% Medical Grade Nylon
Shaft MaterialABS
SterilizationGamma-ray sterilization treated
PackingIndividual Sterile Package
item NO.CY-96000-1CY-96000-2CY-96000-3
Swab Length 91mm±5mm120mm±5mm120mm±5mm
Swab Tip Length 17mm±0.2mm17mm±0.2mm27mm±0.2mm
Stopper Length32mm±0.2mm32mm±0.2mm60mm±0.2mm
Breakpoint Length51mm±0.2mm81mm±0.2mm81mm±0.2mm

Features of Nasal Swab With Stopper

  • High diagnostic specificity and sensitivity.
  • ABS handle(medical grade) ergonomic & anatomic design for comfortable and easy use.
  • There are breakpoints on the flocking swab shaft, which helps to improve the speed and ease of handling samples.
  • The flocking mid-turbinate swabs with blocking point prevent you from inserting the swab too deeply and causing injury.
  • There are broken points on the swab handle to help you process the sample more efficiently.
  • When placed in transport media, a high percentage of sampled particles are released as opposed to traditional swabs that trap particles within their fibers.
  • It has a variety of uses including rapid antigen testing, EIA, molecular-based assays, DFA, cytology testing, bacteriology, and virology culture.

How To Use Nylon Mid-Turbinate Swab

  1. Have the subject lift their head and gently insert the swab into their nasal cavity until the blockage touches their nose.
  2. Rotate the swab to collect as many samples as possible.
  3. Take the swab out of the nasal cavity slowly, put it into the sampling tube vertically, break off the tail of the Nylon Mid-Turbinate Swab, and tighten the sampling tube to avoid leakage.
  4. Send it to the laboratory for inspection as soon as possible.

“HCY, Health care for you” is our forever mission. We dedicate to offering safe & reliable products and medical services with our global creditable partners. HCY has already supplied to WHO, MAYO clinic, MGI, DDC, Yale University, Qorvo, Quanterix, Thomas Scientific, SD biosensor, Cardinal Health, Cleveland Clinic, Mars Petcare & LumiraDx, etc. in the past years.

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