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What is a Flocked Swab? 4 Advantages of Nylon Flocked Swabs

Before the emergence of nylon flocked swabs, most of the swabs we use in our daily life are made of cotton or polyester. The flocked swab is very different from the traditional swab, it is a kind of disposable sampling swab composed of nylon short fiber lint head and ABS plastic rod, which has a big difference in the production process and performance.

What is Flocked Swab?

nylon flocked swab
  • Flocking refers to the process of applying multiple lengths of fiber to the surface of the coating.
  • The flocked swabs are made by new spray coating technology, and millions of nylon microfibers are vertically attached to the top of the medical grade handle through the flocking process of electrostatic charge.
  • If the tip of the swab is finely flocked, it is a flocked swab.
  • It can be used to collect samples for oral cavity, stomatitis, nasal cavity, nasopharynx and cervical, and can also be used for laboratory testing, etc.

The 4 Advantages of Nylon Flocked Swabs

1. Higher Comfort When Sampling

  • Vertical nylon fiber is very soft, flocked swabs are like a mini brush, in the sampling process using this soft brush so that the user does not feel foreign body.
  • In particular, the upper end of the nasal flocked swab is thinner and softer, so as not to poke the nasal cavity while sampling.

2. Flocked Swab Sample Release is Greater

  • The capillary action between the nylon fiber bundles promotes the strong hydraulic absorption of the liquid sample. The sample remains on the surface, making it easier to wash off. With conventional cotton swabs, most of the collected sample remains trapped in the fibrous matrix of the head and is not easily released or released in small amounts.
  • Studies have shown that flocked swabs can release up to 95% of the sample, compared to standard fiber-tipped swabs that can only release 25% of the specimen. Therefore, in the case of a relatively small sample size, the use of flocked swabs is more conducive to complete sampling.

3. Flocked swabs are biocompatible, making them ideal for PCR work.

  • To limit damage to the sample and improve the accuracy of the assay, the swab is made from completely inert components.
  • This makes flocked swabs ideal for PCR work. Thus, for scientists using PCR techniques, the new flocked swabs are PCR compatible and RNase and DNase free.

4. Easier sample handling

The specifications of the swabs used for various sampling sites are different, and the flocked swabs are designed with different fracture points. These break points can help you to easily break the sample into the storage vessel after collection, which is very convenient.

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