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Difference between Inactivated Viral Transport Tube & Non-inactivated VTM Tube

After nucleic acid collection, specimens are usually not immediately available for PCR testing, so specimen swabs need to be preserved for transport. Since viruses can quickly split in vitro and affect subsequent testing, it is necessary to use disposable viral transport medium tube (VTM tubes) with virus preservation solution to preserve and transport samples.

Single-use VTM kits are usually divided into two types, non-inactivated and inactivated.

Inactivated Viral Transport Tube

Viral Transport Tube

It is mainly a modified virus lysis type preservation solution for nucleic acid extraction lysate. It contains high concentration of guanidine salts which can inactivate the virus efficiently and effectively prevent the operator from secondary infection. The inactivated VTM tube also contains Rnase inhibitor, which protects the viral nucleic acid from degradation and enables subsequent detection by NT-PCR. The inactivated viral transport tube allows samples to be stored at room temperature for a relatively long period, saving the cost of preserving and transporting viral samples.

Non-inactivated VTM Tube

VTM Tube

It is a virus maintenance fluid type preservation solution modified mainly based on transport medium. Non-inactivated viral transport media tubes can be used for nucleic acid extraction and detection, as well as for virus culture, isolation, antigen detection, etc. However, after sampling, it is necessary to maintain a strict low temperature for a long time.

Sampling Precautions

  • Prohibit direct contact with the preservation solution in which the virus sample has been placed
  • It is prohibited to moisten the swab with the preservation solution before sampling.
  • The VTM kit is a disposable product, which is only used for sampling, transportation, and preservation of clinical virus specimens, and should not be used beyond the intended use.
  • Before using the viral transport tube, pay attention to the shelf life and packaging integrity.
  • Professionals should collect virus specimens strictly following sampling procedures; specimens should be operated in laboratories that meet safety standards when tested.
  • Pay attention to the preservation and transportation of specimens.

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