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Animal DNA Test KitPet DNA Test Kit (Dog&Cat):  Fecal collection & testing
Animal DNA Test KitPet DNA Test Kit (Dog&Cat):  Fecal collection & testing
Animal DNA Test KitPet DNA Test Kit (Dog&Cat):  Fecal collection & testing
Animal DNA Test KitPet DNA Test Kit (Dog&Cat):  Fecal collection & testing
flocked swabPet DNA Test Kit (Dog&Cat):  Fecal collection & testing

Pet DNA Test Kit (Dog&Cat): Fecal collection & testing

Animal DNA Test Kit, Cat/Dog Breed Test Kit

This Pet DNA Test Kit is a tool to collect DNA from pets by collecting their feces, which is easy and quick to use.

Applications: cat/dog DNA and breed testing

Shelf life: one year
Packaging: disposable aseptic packaging

Sampling swab *2
Specimen preservation vial *2
Label stickers *6

Sample preservation bag *1


Genetic testing is a scientific method to identify the purity of the dog’s breed, explore the dog’s pedigree and ancestral origin, and also evaluate the dog’s appearance characteristics, genetic age, healthy weight, athletic ability, IQ, stickiness, nutritional metabolism ability, and other genetic traits. The dog owners can have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the dog’s genetic characteristics and nutritional metabolism ability so that they can carry out personalized and targeted scientific parenting.

Pet feces are an important sample for testing pet breeds and DNA, and it is convenient to use the sample test kit to collect your pet’s biological samples at home so that you don’t need to bring them to an institution for testing.

Guidelines for the use of animal DNA test kit

  1. Make sure to read all instructions before beginning
  2. Collect a fresh stool sample from your pet.
  3. Take out the first swab and vial.
  4. Collect a fresh stool sample on the swab by inserting the entire tip into the stool and rotating.
  5. Fully coat the swab with fecal matter (at least pea-sized amount). If needed, use the swab as a scoop.
  6. Place swab in vial, break the swab so that the tip of it is immersed in the liquid.
  7. Discard the upper part of the swab. Cap the vial and shake until sample is completely dissolved in liquid.
  8. From the same stool, repeat steps 4-7 with the second swab and vial.
  9. Attach the label to the sample tube, and after filling out the preservation pouch information.
  10. Place the sample in the pouch for sealing and finally sent to a testing facility for pet DNA testing.

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