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Quality of Huachenyang DNA Sampling Suite Supplier’s DNA Sampling Suit

[Product Description] Huachenyang DNA Sampling Suite Supplier DNA Sampling Suit Quality Gene Sampling Suit is often used for self-help sampling of gene testing, forensic identification and other genetic testing. The suit mainly includes disposable oral sampling swab, cell preservation solution, instructions and return card after sampling, etc. Customers get gene sampling. After the package is assembled, the samples are taken according to the requirements of the instructions. After sampling, the disposable sample swab is loaded into the preservation solution and sent back to the testing company. It is easy to operate, avoids a series of tedious operational risks such as blood drawing, and brings comfortable and convenient experience to gene sampling.

Sampling steps of DNA suite are described as follows:

One: Open the package, two oral swabs to collect buccal mucosal cells; two sample collection tubes to collect and store buccal mucosal cells; one sample is sent back to the bag, and a special bar code is needed (check the bar code to be consistent with the bar code of external packaging, return mail bag and cell preservation fluid sampling tube).

  1. Fill in the content of the informed consent form, requiring the content to be accurate and complete; paste the bar code in the position. (Gargle with clean water three times, vomit out) 30 minutes before sampling, do not eat, smoke, drink, etc.
DNA Test Kit CY-98000K3

Three: tear open cavity swab wrapping, take out exit cavity swab carefully (note: hand can not touch the swab part during the whole sampling process). Hold the handle, extend the swab into the left oral cavity, make the head of the swab fully contact the mucosa in the left cheek/upper and lower dental beds, and wipe it up and down with the force of brushing teeth. At the same time, rotate the swab, let the head of the swab fully contact the oral mucosa, and repeat this action by scraping up and down. The second swab was sampled at the mucosa of the right cheek/upper and lower dental beds by the same method.

  1. The swab with exfoliated cells in the mouth after sampling is put back into the collection tube in the clean ventilation place to complete sampling. Put the collection tube into the sample return bag, and then register your relevant information at the front label of the self-sealing bag: name, gender, age, collection date. The self-sealing bags with collection tubes and the inspection registration forms are sent to the sampling and testing company at room temperature.