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Vaginal SwabEndocervical Swab, Vaginal Swab, Cervical Swab
Vaginal SwabEndocervical Swab, Vaginal Swab, Cervical Swab
Vaginal SwabEndocervical Swab, Vaginal Swab, Cervical Swab
Vaginal SwabEndocervical Swab, Vaginal Swab, Cervical Swab

Endocervical Swab, Vaginal Swab, Cervical Swab

The Vaginal Swab consists of a guard, handle, connecting rod, and nylon flocked sampling tip, mainly used for specimen collection from the vagina and urogenital tract.
Use scenario: Used in hospitals, third-party testing organizations, medical field technology companies, and another supporting testing.


Vaginal swabs are applicable to the collection of vaginal surface cells, secretions, and microbial samples from women.

Description of  Vaginal Swabs

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How to use vaginal swabs

  • The Vaginal Swab is placed slowly into the vagina in a semi-recumbent position.
  • Rotate the swab head 5-6 times so that the nylon flocked tip captures the specimen in the vagina.
  • Gently withdraw the nylon flocked tip from the vaginal opening, place the brush in the sample storage tube, and send it for examination as soon as possible.


  • Avoid use in women who have not had sexual intercourse and in women who are menstruating, pregnant, or breastfeeding.
  • Vaginal application of drugs is prohibited 24 hours before sampling.
  • If you experience persistent pain during sampling, stop immediately.
  • Use with caution if allergic to nylon flocking or ABS material.

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With more than 14 years of manufacturing experience in the field of medical consumables, HCY organizes production and manages sales in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485 and has certain advantages in the industry.

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