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DNA Saliva Collection Kit, how to use saliva collector?

DNA saliva collection kit also called saliva collector and DNA saliva collection tube can be used to collect DNA, virus and other samples for subsequent testing.

Advantages of Huachenyang Saliva Collection Kit

  • Non-invasive collection, the sample can be obtained by gently spitting the saliva
  • Unique funnel design prevents liquid spillage or buffer reflux
  • The sample is stable and can be stored at room temperature for easy transport
  • Convenient for automatic purification, which can get more quantity and better quality of DNA
  • Single-use, non-invasive collection of saliva samples, reducing the chance of being infected.
  • The saliva collection kit is suitable for the collection of COVID-19 samples.

Specifications of the saliva collection kit

Volume of collection tubesPreservation reagentsContentsShelf life
5mL1mL/2mL/3mLcollection funnel
saliva collection tube
saliva preservation solution
12 months
10mL1mL/2mL/3mLcollection funnel
saliva collection tube
saliva preservation solution
12 months
NDA saliva collection kit

The use of DNA saliva collection kit

saliva collection kit

1. Hold the tongue against the root of the upper or lower jaw teeth to shed more saliva and spit the saliva gently into the funnel until the volume of saliva reaches the height of the 2 ml scale.

saliva collection kit

2. Unscrew the tube containing the saliva preserving solution without touching the mouth of the tube.

saliva collection kit

3. Pour all the saliva-preserving solution from the funnel into the collection funnel.

saliva collection kit

4. Keeping the collection tube in an upright position, carefully remove the collection funnel by rotating it off the saliva collection kit.

saliva collection kit

5. After screwing the cap on the collection tube, turn it up and down 5 times to allow the saliva and the preserving solution to fully integrate.

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