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What is a Flocked Swab? 5 advantages of nylon flocking swabs

The nylon flocked swab is a honeycomb swab best suited for specimen collection. The nylon flocking technology allows for an extremely significant improvement in the collection and elution capabilities of single sample swabs and marks the latest development in single-use specimen collection equipment. Flocking refers to the vertical adhesion of long fibers to the adhesive-coated swab shaft, which has outstanding advantages when collecting samples.

Top 5 advantages of nylon flocked swabs

1. Flocked swabs can collect a large number of samples

flocked swabs
flocked swabs

Nylon flocked swabs are the best choice for rapid diagnostic tests because they provide better collection of cells or organisms.

2. Enhanced diagnostic sensitivity

Patented flocking technology turns each strand of fiber into a velvety brush, thus allowing the swab to create hundreds of thousands of contact points for better sample collection and release. The increased number of target cells (compared to non-flocked swabs) helps improve the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests.

3. High sample release rate of flocked swabs

High release rate
high release rate

Huachenyang’s flocked swabs are tightly bonded to the handle and do not contain an internal fabric or other inner core that absorbs the specimen, enabling a greater volume of specimen to be collected and retained. This not only provides more specimens, but also allows for a more rapid and complete release of the specimen into the liquid medium.

4. Proprietary multi-length flocked fibers

The flocked swab’s proprietary multi-length lint fibers form a web-like structure that allows for the collection and retention of more specimens than traditional cotton swabs, polyester swabs or rayon swabs. In contrast, the inner core of a regular swab will tend to lock up the specimen, making it difficult to elute the specimen into the media.

5. Easy handling, preservation and transport

breakpoint of flocked swabs
breakpoint of flocked swab

Most oral, oropharyngeal, and nasopharyngeal flocked swabs have pre-made break points so you can easily break the handle before placing the swab in the tube. Sterile flocking swabs will also come with transport materials such as dry transport tubes and media-filled transport tubes. After sampling, it can be easily completed for storage and transport.

In short, flocked swabs can better meet the sample collection needs of various laboratories, hospitals and other institutions, and are the preferred tool for specimen collection and elution.

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