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Nylon Flocking Swab: How to Use a Cervical Swab?

A cervical swab is a nylon flocked swab used mainly for gynecological examinations of women.

What is a Cervical Swab?

A cervical swab is a nylon flocked swab with a tip full of dense villi. The unique shape of the tip allows the swab to enter the vagina smoothly, allowing a large number of vaginal and cervical samples to be collected. The swab rod is made of ABS and is set with a break point so that the doctor can easily break the rod and then save the sample.

vaginal swab
iClean swab

How to Use the Cervical Swab?

1. Before sampling, if necessary, wipe away excessive secretions at the vaginal opening with a swab, then stick the disposable sampling swab into the cervical opening and gently rotate the cervical swab 3-5 times.

2. Slowly withdraw the disposable flocked swab and place it into the sample tube containing the cell preservation solution, breaking the excess brush handle at the mouth of the tube and leaving the tip of the swab in the sample tube.

3. Fully immerse the flocked tip in the preservation solution and tighten the cap tightly. Record the patient’s name and other information on the label, and finally, place the sample preservation tube into the specimen bag and transport it to the laboratory.

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