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3 Reasons to Use Viral Transport Medium Tube, Uses & Advantages

Why use the viral transport medium tube to save samples?

Application of Viral Transport Medium Tube

  • It can be used to collect samples of influenza virus, hand, foot, and mouth virus, measles and rubella virus, etc.
  • The collected virus samples can be stored in a viral transport medium tube for a short time (within 72 hours) at 2-8℃.
  • The collected virus samples can be used for nucleic acid detection and virus isolation.

Why Use Disposable Viral Transport Medium Tube?

1. Improved Nucleic Acid Detection Sensitivity

The lowest detection line for the positive nucleic acid test can be as low as 1*10²cell/mL after 24 hours of sample collection (this virus titer refers to the virus low at the time of sample collection, the real-time virus low after sample collection from conventional onset population is 1*10^6cell/mL)

2. Samples Can be Stored at Room Temperature

Optimized product formulation with room temperature stable components, the sample can be stored at room temperature. The liquid chromatogram of the product stored for 7d and 375d shows that there is no significant decrease in each component of the samples.

3. Viral Transport Medium Tube is Effective at Suppressing Mold

The selection of room temperature stable antibiotics to inhibit mold, to avoid the selection of similar amphotericin B, mycotoxin and other room temperature unstable antibiotics occurring after sampling virus preservation solution mold, hair and other phenomena.

Details of Huachenyang Viral Transport Medium

  • Height is 100mm, diameter is 16mm
  • The body of the viral transport tube is made of transparent PP (polypropylene), can withstand -197 ℃, low temperature does not break, 125 ℃ high temperature and high pressure do not cause deformation.
  • The cap is made of PE (high-density polyethylene), which ensures a close combination with the body of the tube, and the cap is red.
  • The inner bottom of the transport tube is conical, allowing for centrifugation and shaking.
  • A rim surrounds the tapered bottom, so the viral transport tube can stand on the biosafety cabinet without using test tube racks.

Advantages of Huachenyang Viral Transport Tubes

  • The dual leak-proof design of the proprietary knowledge product and the patented tube cap prevents leakage of the infectious virus preservation fluid after sampling.
  • The O-ring seal on the inner wall of the tube cap ensures no leakage of samples due to external extrusion.
  • The higher pressure strength of the cap-body combination ensures that the viral transport medium Tubes remain sealed in the event of external compression.
  • Single-serving Viral Transport Tubes come with a self-sealing biosafety pouch that allows for the storage and transport of disposable viral transport medium after sampling.

Adhering to the principle of “first-class products, first-class service”, Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. takes product quality as the foundation of enterprise development, specializes in the production of flocking swabs, throat swabs, oral swabs, nasal swabs, cervical swabs, sponge swabs, virus sampling tubes, virus preservation liquid, etc.
With more than 14 years of manufacturing experience in the field of medical consumables, HCY organizes production and manages sales in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485 and has certain advantages in the industry.

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