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CHG Applicator: Applications & Use Guide & Attention

Advantages of CHG Applicator

  • Antiseptic CHG Applicator has a rapid, broad-spectrum, and long-lasting effect on killing bacteria compared to traditional swabs, which can greatly reduce the presence of microbes on the skin.
  • CHG applicators have been proven effective in reducsing the incidence of bloodstream infections and SSIS.
  • Chlorchloramine has persistent antimicrobial properties because it can destroy cell membranes, causing them to be isolated into precipitable substances. IPA rapidly destroys microbial cell proteins, denaturing them and providing important defense against a wide spectrum of microorganisms for at least 48 hours.

Why use a CHG applicator?

The Centers for Disease Control targeted prevention of catheter-related infections. Catheter-related infections are preventable problems that affect thousands of patients each year. These infections increase patient morbidity, prolong hospital stays, and require additional medical interventions. A key step in preventing catheter-related infections is properly preparing an effective disinfectant on the skin. The CDC recently announced new guidelines for skin disinfection, and it’s a special priority 2% chlorhexidine.

Guide for Use of CHG Applicator

  1. Open the bag, remove the pole of the chlorhexidine applicator, and remove the collar.
  2. Press the top of the handle to release the disinfectant onto the sponge
  3. Use the CHG applicator to gently rub the skin back and forth to moisten and disinfect it.

Precautions for Using CHG Applicator

  • Use with caution for 2-month-old infants or premature infants. This product may cause irritation or burns to the baby’s skin.
  • This product is disposable and can be discarded after use.
  • This product does not contain silica gel. It is for external use. It should be used in a well-ventilated place.
  • CHG applicators should not be used for lumbar puncture or meningeal surgery, open wounds, or routine skin cleaning. Please do not use it in patients allergic to CHG or IPA, and do not use it in eyes, ears, or cavities.

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