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Oropharyngeal Nylon Flocked Swab With Tube: CY-93050T
Oropharyngeal Nylon Flocked Swab With Tube: CY-93050T
Oropharyngeal Nylon Flocked Swab With Tube: CY-93050T
Oropharyngeal Nylon Flocked Swab With Tube: CY-93050T
Oropharyngeal Nylon Flocked Swab With Tube: CY-93050T
Oropharyngeal Nylon Flocked Swab With Tube: CY-93050T

Oropharyngeal Nylon Flocked Swab With Tube: CY-93050T

Item No.: iClean® CY-93050T (With Breakpoint)

This kit consists of Oropharyngeal Nylon Flocked Swabs and sterile tubes that combine collection and preservation functions in one.

For samples that need to be transported over a long period of time, this casing is an excellent way to prevent contamination or loss of sample size.

Application: Collection of oropharyngeal/throat samples and other biological samples

Tip Material: 100% Medical Grade Nylon

Certifications : CE/FDA/ISO/TGA


The appropriate oropharyngeal swabs can not only improve the efficiency of specimen collection, but also better assist in the elution of specimens, which is very useful for specimen detection. The oropharyngeal nylon swabs are flocking swabs with an extremely large amount of nylon at the tip to stably adhere to samples from the mouth and oropharynx.

Description ofOropharyngeal Swab with Tube

Product NameOropharyngeal Nylon Flocked Swabwith Tube
Item No. iClean® CY-93050T
Factory SystemGMP
Tip Material100% Medical Grade Nylon
SterilizationGamma-ray sterilization treated
Swab Length150mm±2mm
Swab Tip Length18mm
Swab Tip Diameter4mm±0.2mm
Handle Diameter2mm-2.5mm
Breakpoint Length75mm
Tube Length175mm
Tube Diameter10mm
PackingIndividual Sterile Package
iClean® CY-93050TOropharyngea Flocked Swab with Tube

Features of Oropharyngeal Swab With Tube

  1. Proprietary flocking Process optimizes collection and elution.
  2. Breakpoint molded handle better help to break off.
  3. Non-slip with Frosted handle end.
  4. ABS handle(medical grade) ergonomic & anatomic design for comfortable and easy use.
  5. No fiber or adhesive residue interference in collection.
  6. Compared with fiber swab, flocked swab releases up to 95% of the samples.
  7. Anatomically and ergonomically design improves patient comfort and specimen collection.
  8. Instant and spontaneous release of samples into liquid media.
  9. Compatible with multiple applications such as rapid antigen testing, EIA, molecular-based assays, DFA, cytology testing, bacteriology and virology culture.
  10. Flexible handle with molded breakpoint
  11. The tube body is transparent, which is helpful to observe the surface changes of samples intuitively.
  12. The unique casing design prevents samples from deteriorating due to humid conditions and prevents contamination of samples by airborne impurities.
  13. Casing design facilitates sample transportation.

Note:  Collected by a healthcare professional or a patient self-collected sample is acceptable when the patient is in an appropriate clinical setting


Adhering to the principle of “first-class products, first-class service”, Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. takes product quality as the foundation of enterprise development, specializes in the production of flocking swabs, throat swabs, oral swabs, nasal swabs, cervical swabs, sponge swabs, virus sampling tubes, virus preservation liquid, etc.
With more than 14 years of manufacturing experience in the field of medical consumables, HCY organizes production and manages sales in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485 and has certain advantages in the industry.

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